Sue Doggett

Artist: Sue Doggett (UK)

Title: Doves and Firebrands

Medium/technique(s): Digital print concertina with folded cover. Edges hand-coloured and polished.

Edition size: 5

Artist Statement: Giovanni Boccaccio wrote De mulieribus claris (On Famous Women) between 1361 and 1362. It was probably the first biography of women ever written. The women whose life stories are immortalized in this text were not only famous through myth or deed, but also infamous and even notorious. Although the biography seems to be dominated by goddesses, queens, empresses and virgins, there are also soldiers, politicians, scholars, artists, poets, and inventors among their number. Regardless of Boccaccio’s fourteenth-century moral stance (particularly on virginity and chastity) and his views on femininity (strong women are more like men) the range of positive and negative human qualities that are attributed to these women offers us a surprisingly three-dimensional representation. This work presents the biography as a condensed sequence of characteristics not only to highlight the scope of the women’s experience and achievements, but also to emphasize their gender. The biography was an acknowledgement of the possibility, from Boccaccio at least, that they might have made a difference.


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11 07 2013
Locating Boccacio - Medieval Histories

[…] Sue Doggett […]

11 07 2013
Locating Boccaccio - Medieval Histories

[…] Sue Doggett […]

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