Carolyn Thompson

Artist: Carolyn Thompson (UK)

Title: The Eaten Heart

Medium/technique(s): The Eaten Heart is an adaptation of the Penguin Great Loves version of Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Eaten Heart: Unlikely Tales of Love. Text has been removed from every page with the use of a scalpel, leaving only words that could pertain to the body, or body parts. By removing these words from their context and grouping them together, their significance changes dramatically, thus exploring the abundant innuendo in Boccaccio’s original text.

I often use techniques historically associated with craft, in its many forms, to transform an original object or text. Elements of weaving, quilting, sewing, papermaking, as well as the cut and paste aspects of collage are used formally, sculpturally and/or to illustrate a concept.

Edition size: 3

Artist Statement: My interest lies in developing pre-existing narratives into new adaptations that reference the original in either content or form. I use found objects, images and printed matter (text, books, maps and diagrams) as source material, in order to evoke a sense of memory, history, nostalgia and humour. The resulting adaptations are new visual versions in the form of artist’s books, collages, drawings and installations that reflect, or work in contrast to, the stories, histories or language of the original ephemera, whilst responding to sculpture, drawing and architecture.

Contrasting notions are prominent in my work – adaptation and the original, narrative and form, truth and fiction. By presenting something that is part fact and part fabrication, and revealing just enough of the original to engage a viewer’s interest, I aim to challenge their initial perception of the work, whilst divulging its layers slowly. My intention is to question assumed truths.

Learning new skills and techniques has become an integral and necessary aspect of my practice. I hope to create works in which it is obvious time, skill and endeavour have been employed in the production. The result is a hybrid that lies somewhere between conceptual art and more traditional craft, encompassing the ideas of one and the skills of the other.


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11 07 2013
Locating Boccacio - Medieval Histories

[…] Carolyn Thompson […]

11 07 2013
Locating Boccaccio - Medieval Histories

[…] Carolyn Thompson […]

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